Between the 23th and the 26th of May 2019 the European Parliament will be newly elected. But, like in every election, not each citizen who has a vote uses it. If you need some motivation to go to the ballot box, keep on reading.

1. Every single vote counts. Full stop. We live in a democracy. Every vote is counted and contributes to the outcome.

2. Politics is all around us. It has an enormous impact on our lives. Not only huge decisions like taxes and pensions but also decisions as minor as the shape of your banana are made by politics. They influence every aspect of your life as they set the rules you then have to live by. With your vote you choose and influence the politicians who make politics that influence your life. If you want to co-determine how your life is influenced, you have to co-decide what politics are made. As these are made by politicians, you have to co-choose the politicians. This is what you do when you vote.

3. You choose who represents you. And, logically, you can only be represented when you choose who should represent you. If you refuse to do so, you should not complain afterwards that the politicians do not decide in your favour. Because, if you do not decide who should represent your city or your countries, someone else will, but maybe not the way you would want to be represented.

4. “Not voting is my protest against the system.” I am certain you have already heard this argument, or a similar one. But when thinking about it, it just does not make any sense:

  • Firstly you have the possibility to control the future of politics and by not voting you just do not take it. If you want to change politics, voting is the easiest and most effective way to do so. That is how democracy functions.
  • Secondly not voting does not, contrary to what non-voters might think, send a clear message. It could for example mean: “I am happy with everything and nothing has to change.” or “I am unsatisfied with this politician.” or “I am unhappy with how this topic was discussed and how it was solved.” or “I do not like anything about politics at the moment. I want more of this.”… Actually it could mean anything. To really make a difference and influence politics, voting is the most effective way to give a clear feedback to the politicians and show them your will.

5. Lastly we should never forget what a privilege it is to live in a democracy, to have free and equal elections and to have a true influence on our country’s leaders. In many countries on this planet, voting is not possible and there are hundreds of people fighting until death to gain a right to vote. We should be grateful to have this freedom and thus use it. Especially considering that it is neither difficult nor taxing to do so.

So, in the end of this text I can just beg you: If you can, VOTE.

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